Airport Operational Instructions (AOIs)

AOI 01; Airside Security
AOI 02; Movement Area Inspection and Reporting
AOI 03; Navigational Aids and Aerodrome Ground Lighting
AOI 04; Contractors; Aerodrome Works
AOI 05; Ground Handling of Aircraft
AOI 06; Prevention of Runway Incursions
AOI 07; Airside Safety
AOI 08; Passenger Management
AOI 09; Incident Reporting and Investigation
AOI 10; Safety Assurance and Audits
AOI 11; Apron Safety Monitoring
AOI 12; Airside Vehicle Permit Scheme
AOI 13; Airside Driving; Training and Regulations of Airside Safety
AOI 14; Airside Safety Regulation Scheme
AOI 15; Wildlife Hazard Management
AOI 16; Aerodrome Safeguarding
AOI 17; Aerodrome Surveys
AOI 18; Ground Engine Runs
AOI 19; Aerodrome Disabled Aircraft Removal Plan
AOI 20; Safe Handling and Storage of Fuel and Dangerous Goods
AOI 21; Low Visibilty Operations
AOI 22; Winter Operations and Snow Plan
AOI 23; Inclement Weather Procedures
AOI 24; Environmental Procedures
AOI 25; Detention of Aircraft
AOI 26; Crane Operations
AOI 27; UHF Radio Call-Signs
AOI 28; ATR Wind Restrictions Apron Operations
AOI 29; Airside Photography & Filming
AOI 30; Operations of Current or Ex-Military Jet Aircrft
AOI 31; Out-of-Hours Extensions
AOI 32; Compass Base Calibrations
AOI 33; First Aid Provision
AOI 34; Aircraft Cleaning
AOI 35; Safety Clothing and Equipment
AOI 36; Aircraft Breaking & Dismantling
AOI 37; Taxiing Aircraft on the Operational Movement Area
AOI 38; Airport Conditions of Use
AOI 39; Foreign Object Debris Policy
AOI 40; Use of Electronic Cigarettes; Terminal & Airside Areas
AOI 41; Fixed Base Operator Licence