Airfield Information

Airport Location

  • Runway; Asphalt / Concrete: 2271 x 45m
  • Accommodates Aircraft up to a Boeing 767-300 and Boeing 747 (light load)
  • On site fuel provision
  • Catering facilities (café, inflight, conference)
  • Aircraft parking, cleaning, compass swing & engine testing

Airfield Configuration and Operating Hours

  • Airfield operations  06.30 – 21.30 (Contact us for out of hours requests)
  • CAT III ILS on Runway 26; CAT I ILS on Runway 08
  • Class D Airspace within the Bournemouth Control Zone & Solent Control Area
  • Adjacent unregulated airspace
  • State of the art Primary & Secondary Radars with Mode S capability
  • NDB Approaches
  • Surveillance Radar Approaches (SRAs) terminating at 2nm
  • Radar Vectored or Procedural Approaches available on both directions
  • Skilled ATC staff

Pilot and General Information

The following links are intended to provide pilot information for operations flying in and out of Bournemouth Airport safely and efficiently:

Airport Operational Documents