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    Fly direct from Bournemouth Airport to Tenerife, Tenerife is largest of the Canary island and has the largest population.

    Currency = Euro.

    Tenerife being one of the Canary Islands is graced with a year-round wonderful climate. It has very mild seasons and very warm summers. During the coolest winter month, the average temperature is around 15ºC and during the warmest summer month the average temperature is around 29°C. The water temperature also reflects the wonderful climate and during the coolest winter month the water temperature is around 16ºC during and during the warmest summer month the water temperature 24ºC.

    With this wonderful climate it is no surprise to hear that Tenerife is a very popular destination with some 5 million travellers choosing Tenerife to be their destination of choice. As a result, Tenerife is very well geared up for the traveller and offers an abundance of activities, cultural sights to see or places to relax.

    There are many guided tours around Tenerife either on land or on the sea for the traveller to choose from. Some of the tours on offer are a luxury yacht cruise where the traveller can hire a fully crewed yacht that will sail around some of the coast of Tenerife whilst the traveller drinks champagne. The traveller can also take another boat trip to go deeper out to sea and look for and watch the dolphins who generally when the boat approaches will come to investigate. On land the traveller can take a guided tour to the Pico Viejo Volcano.

    If laying back and relaxing is more the travellers desired choice then why not choose one of the numerous golden sanded beaches that are a popular traveller destination, here the traveller will be well catered for and find sitting next to the beach or sometimes on the beach bars and cafes where if the sun gets to hot the traveller can go and cool down and take on some food and drink before heading back onto the sand. There is also the option to visit one of the many water sports centres located all around the island of Tenerife where the traveller can try their hand at wind surfing, jet ski riding, snorkelling and paddle boarding. For the more specialised water sport activity the traveller can try their hand at scuba diving. If the traveller wishes for a more peaceful beach, then they only must travel a short distance outside the populated areas to find some hidden gems where there will be very few people around.

    Check the latest Tenerife Airport departures, arrivals news and updates at http://www.tenerifeairport.guide/.

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  • Arrivals & Departures
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    PALMATOM6603 Arrived 13:10
    TUITOM660313:10Arrived 13:10
    WROCLAWFR3318 Arrived 13:18
    RyanairFR331813:35Arrived 13:18
    MALAGAFR5945 Due at 15:45
    RyanairFR594515:40Due at 15:45
    FAROFR3945 Due at 16:40
    RyanairFR394516:30Due at 16:40
    KRAKOWFR5524 Scheduled 19:25
    RyanairFR552419:25Scheduled 19:25
    MALTAFR8315 Scheduled 21:20
    RyanairFR831521:20Scheduled 21:20
    PALMAFR828 Scheduled 22:25
    RyanairFR82822:25Scheduled 22:25
    RHODESTOM6625 Scheduled 23:45
    TUITOM662523:45Scheduled 23:45
    BUDAPESTFR4247 Scheduled 07:30
    RyanairFR424707:30Scheduled 07:30
    EDINBURGHRK1133 Scheduled 10:20
     RK113310:20Scheduled 10:20
    MALAGAFR5945 Scheduled 11:45
    RyanairFR594511:45Scheduled 11:45
    PALMATOM6729 Scheduled 12:10
    TUITOM672912:10Scheduled 12:10
    VENICEFR519 Scheduled 12:15
    RyanairFR51912:15Scheduled 12:15
    ZADARFR1241 Scheduled 12:40
    RyanairFR124112:40Scheduled 12:40
    Murcia InternationalFR5947 Scheduled 13:05
    RyanairFR594713:05Scheduled 13:05
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    MALTAFR8316 Departed 14:35
    RyanairFR831614:25Departed 14:35
    RHODESTOM6624 Departed 14:45
    TUITOM662414:35Departed 14:45
    MALAGAFR5944 Wait In Lounge
    RyanairFR594416:05Wait In Lounge
    PALMAFR829 Wait In Lounge
    RyanairFR82917:20Wait In Lounge
    KRAKOWFR5523 Scheduled 19:50
    RyanairFR552319:50Scheduled 19:50
    PALMATOM6728 Scheduled 07:05
    TUITOM672807:05Scheduled 07:05
    VENICEFR520 Scheduled 07:25
    RyanairFR52007:25Scheduled 07:25
    Murcia InternationalFR5946 Scheduled 07:40
    RyanairFR594607:40Scheduled 07:40
    BUDAPESTFR4248 Scheduled 07:55
    RyanairFR424807:55Scheduled 07:55
    EDINBURGHRK1132 Scheduled 10:45
     RK113210:45Scheduled 10:45
    MALAGAFR5944 Scheduled 12:10
    RyanairFR594412:10Scheduled 12:10
    ZADARFR1240 Scheduled 13:05
    RyanairFR124013:05Scheduled 13:05
    TENERIFEFR1178 Scheduled 13:55
    RyanairFR117813:55Scheduled 13:55
    FAROFR3944 Scheduled 13:55
    RyanairFR394413:55Scheduled 13:55
    HERAKLIONTOM6786 Scheduled 14:40
    TUITOM678614:40Scheduled 14:40
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