6 May - 21 Oct 2023 & 4 May - 19 Oct 2024
6 May - 21 Oct 2023 & 4 May - 19 Oct 2024

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    Fly direct from Bournemouth Airport to Rhodes.

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    Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and sits in the Mediterranean Sea.

    The Climate on Rhodes is a wonderfully warm climate the year round. During the coolest winter months, the average temperature is around 9°C and during the summer the warmest month averages around 31ºC. The temperature does often reach into the 30’sºC during the summer months. The Mediterranean Sea around Rhodes also stays warm the year round with the coolest month average temperature of around 17°C and the warmest month average temperature of around 27ºC.

    Rhodes like most Greek Islands has a very ancient culture that dates back thousands of years and today some of those ancient buildings still stand. One of the most popular destinations for the travellers on Rhodes interested in this culture is the historical sites of the Acropolis of Lindos. The Acropolis is very well preserved, and this allows the traveller to experience the amazing architecture that was being built by the ancient Greeks around 200BC. Many buildings have survived but the temples and places of worship in the site are the main focal points.

    Rhodes like most of the Greek islands bathed in the Mediterranean sun has miles upon miles of glorious golden sanded beaches. Here the traveller has a choice due to the numerous beaches on offer. They can decide to leave the beaten path and wonder off and find some stunning little rocky cove with a small sandy beach which will have little to no other travellers here. The traveller can lay in tranquil silence in isolation or they can choose to frequent the more popular beaches where there are numerous amenities and activities on offer. The more popular beaches are wonderfully catered for with bars and cafes right on the beach front allowing for all day sun worshipping with the occasional trip to the bar or café for refreshment and sustenance. The traveller may wish to partake in some of the many varied water sports on offer from the numerous centres located about the island of Rhodes. Scuba diving is very popular here due to the warm clear waters and most PADI approved centres offer courses for beginners and more challenging dives for the more experienced diver.

    Don’t forget to sample the local food and drink and if you are feeling particularly hungry try a local Greek Meze.

    Experience the beauty of Rhodes by clicking the link provided.

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    DALAMANFH641 Scheduled 08:30
     FH64108:30Scheduled 08:30
    ALICANTEFR3949 Scheduled 10:05
    RyanairFR394910:05Scheduled 10:05
    CARCASSONNEFR9356 Scheduled 10:35
    RyanairFR935610:35Scheduled 10:35
    MALAGAFR5945 Scheduled 12:15
    RyanairFR594512:15Scheduled 12:15
    CORFUTOM6503 Scheduled 14:30
    TUITOM650314:30Scheduled 14:30
    BUDAPESTFR4247 Scheduled 15:55
    RyanairFR424715:55Scheduled 15:55
    PALMAFR828 Scheduled 16:05
    RyanairFR82816:05Scheduled 16:05
    GIRONAFR9911 Scheduled 17:35
    RyanairFR991117:35Scheduled 17:35
    ANTALYAFH565 Scheduled 20:00
     FH56520:00Scheduled 20:00
    ZADARFR1241 Scheduled 22:25
    RyanairFR124122:25Scheduled 22:25
    PALMAFR5943 Scheduled 23:05
    RyanairFR594323:05Scheduled 23:05
    TENERIFETOM6597 Scheduled 00:35
    TUITOM659700:35Scheduled 00:35
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    MALAGAFR5944 Scheduled 06:30
    RyanairFR594406:30Scheduled 06:30
    CARCASSONNEFR9355 Scheduled 06:40
    RyanairFR935506:40Scheduled 06:40
    CORFUTOM6502 Scheduled 07:20
    TUITOM650207:20Scheduled 07:20
    DALAMANFH642 Scheduled 09:30
     FH64209:30Scheduled 09:30
    ALICANTEFR3948 Scheduled 10:30
    RyanairFR394810:30Scheduled 10:30
    PALMAFR829 Scheduled 11:00
    RyanairFR82911:00Scheduled 11:00
    GIRONAFR9912 Scheduled 13:10
    RyanairFR991213:10Scheduled 13:10
    TENERIFETOM6596 Scheduled 15:35
    TUITOM659615:35Scheduled 15:35
    BUDAPESTFR4248 Scheduled 16:20
    RyanairFR424816:20Scheduled 16:20
    ZADARFR1240 Scheduled 16:55
    RyanairFR124016:55Scheduled 16:55
    PALMAFR5942 Scheduled 18:00
    RyanairFR594218:00Scheduled 18:00
    ANTALYAFH566 Scheduled 21:00
     FH56621:00Scheduled 21:00
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