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    Fly direct from Bournemouth Airport to Palma Mallorca

    Currency = Euro

    Palma Mallorca usually referred to as just Palma is the capital city of Majorca which is one of the Balearic Islands sitting in the Mediterranean Sea of the coast of Spain.

    The climate as with all the Balearic Islands is wonderful and stays warm throughout most of the year. During the coolest winter month, the average temperature is around 12ºC. During the warmest summer month, the average temperature is around 26ºC. Temperatures have been known to reach into the high 30’sºC during the summer period. The sea temperature also reflects the wonderful climate and like most islands situated in the Mediterranean Sea it stays relatively warm reaching average temperatures during the warmest month of around 26ºC.

    Palma has a host of cultural attractions, one being Bellver Castle. The castle is only 3 km from the city centre. Construction of the castle started in 1311, it is one of the few circular castles built on mainland Europe. The Castle was first built to be the royal residence of the King of Mallorca but later in the 18th to 20th century it became a military prison. It now acts as the city’s history museum and is amongst the most popular traveller destinations in Mallorca.

    If the traveller requires a more tranquil experience than sightseeing, then Mallorca offers miles upon miles of golden sanded beaches. The beaches in the more populated areas are very well appointed with lots of amenities and activities on offer. The traveller will find beach side cafes and bars that offer a wide selection of local or international produce. The activities on offer will vary on locations but guided Segway tours can be found at a few locations which adds that extra element to sightseeing. If water sports are of interest to the traveller then there are countless centres located around Mallorca and all offer a wide variety and the traveller can usually find snorkelling, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, wind surfing and scuba diving on offer. There is no need for previous experience as most centres cater for the novice as well as the experienced.

    Then in the evening find a place to sit and enjoy the local drinks and food on offer and watch the night roll in.

    Check the latest Palma Airport departures, arrivals news and updates at https://www.palmaairport.info.

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  • Arrivals & Departures
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    BUDAPESTFR3316 Scheduled 09:55
    RyanairFR331609:55Scheduled 09:55
    MALAGAFR5945 Scheduled 11:45
    RyanairFR594511:45Scheduled 11:45
    PALMATOM6729 Scheduled 11:55
    TUITOM672911:55Scheduled 11:55
    ALICANTEFR9082 Scheduled 12:50
    RyanairFR908212:50Scheduled 12:50
    FAROFR5954 Scheduled 17:25
    RyanairFR595417:25Scheduled 17:25
    PALMAFR5943 Scheduled 20:45
    RyanairFR594320:45Scheduled 20:45
    GIRONAFR9911 Scheduled 20:50
    RyanairFR991120:50Scheduled 20:50
    GRAN CANARIAFR6765 Scheduled 22:25
    RyanairFR676522:25Scheduled 22:25
    HERAKLIONTOM6787 Scheduled 23:40
    TUITOM678723:40Scheduled 23:40
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    PALMATOM6728 Boarding
    ALICANTEFR9083 Wait In Lounge
    RyanairFR908307:30Wait In Lounge
    BUDAPESTFR3115 Scheduled 10:20
    RyanairFR311510:20Scheduled 10:20
    MALAGAFR5944 Scheduled 12:10
    RyanairFR594412:10Scheduled 12:10
    GRAN CANARIAFR6764 Scheduled 13:40
    RyanairFR676413:40Scheduled 13:40
    HERAKLIONTOM6786 Scheduled 14:20
    TUITOM678614:20Scheduled 14:20
    FAROFR5953 Scheduled 17:50
    RyanairFR595317:50Scheduled 17:50
    PALMAFR5942 Scheduled 21:15
    RyanairFR594221:15Scheduled 21:15
    GIRONAFR9912 Scheduled 21:15
    RyanairFR991221:15Scheduled 21:15
    CORFUTOM6124 Scheduled 06:15
    TUITOM612406:15Scheduled 06:15
    Murcia InternationalFR5946 Scheduled 06:30
    RyanairFR594606:30Scheduled 06:30
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