31 Mar - 24 Oct 2024
31 Mar - 24 Oct 2024

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    Fly direct to Murcia direct from Bournemouth airport.

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    Murcia is a town of the South-Eastern part of Spain and one of the top ten largest cities in Spain.

    Murcia due to its position in Spain has a wonderfully warm climate and during the warmest summer months the average temperature is around 34°C and during the coolest winter months the average temperature is around 5°C.

    Murcia is referred to as Europe’s orchard because of its agricultural prowess in its fruit, Flower and vegetable production, a lot of this is due to the Segura River which feeds the low-lying plains which are very fertile.

    The architecture of Murcia is very mixed due to its history of ownership between Arabic and Spanish. There is a prime example of the mix of architecture on one building that being the Cathedral of Murcia. The main building was built on the site of the great mosque and was started in 1385 and completed in 1467 but it continued to be added to until the 18th century. As a result, the building is a mix of renaissance, gothic, baroque, rococo and neoclassical. The bell tower shows a different style on each of its four levels.

    As with many Spanish cities of the same age they are considered University towns with the university of Murcia being the third oldest in Spain and was established in 1272.

    However, the traveller should not be fooled into thinking the city has not moved with the times and shining examples can be found throughout the more modern parts of the city with a ride on the tram being advised to get a good view of the city.

    There is another example of this forward-thinking city in the many attraction on offer such as room escape games where a group of travellers are locked into a room and they must solve riddles and puzzles to escape, many are set in modern venues but some in historic buildings.

    Of course, any trip to a Spanish city is not complete without stopping of at the many excellent tapas bars and restaurants where you can sample the local cuisine and drinks and just sit and soak up the relaxed atmosphere.

    Enjoy the quiet beauty that Murcia has to offer by clicking the link provided.

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    WROCLAWFR3318 Arrived 19:48
    RyanairFR331819:45Arrived 19:48
    MALAGAFR5945 Arrived 19:58
    RyanairFR594520:10Arrived 19:58
    ALICANTEFR3949 Arrived 20:38
    RyanairFR394920:45Arrived 20:38
    FAROFR3945 Arrived 21:54
    RyanairFR394521:40Arrived 21:54
    FAROFR5ED Landed 21:47
    RyanairFR5ED21:49Landed 21:47
    GENEVAEZY2649 Scheduled 12:10
    easyJetEZY264912:10Scheduled 12:10
    TENERIFETOM6269 Scheduled 18:15
    TUITOM626918:15Scheduled 18:15
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    WROCLAWFR3317 Departed 20:37
    RyanairFR331720:10Departed 20:37
    MALAGAFR5944 Departed 20:47
    RyanairFR594420:35Departed 20:47
    ALICANTEFR3948 Departed 21:52
    RyanairFR394821:10Departed 21:52
    ALICANTEFR5ZG Scheduled 21:20
    RyanairFR5ZG21:20Scheduled 21:20
    TENERIFETOM6268 Scheduled 08:55
    TUITOM626808:55Scheduled 08:55
    GENEVAEZY2650 Scheduled 12:50
    easyJetEZY265012:50Scheduled 12:50
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