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    Fly direct from Bournemouth Airport direct to Krakow.

    Currency = Polish Zloty

    Krakow is city in Poland and is the second largest. Krakow is situated in the Southern part of Poland and as such the climate is warmer than some Northern cities in Poland. During the warmer summer months, the average temperature can reach as high as 24°C and during the coolest winter months the average temperature can be around -4°C.

    Krakow is famous for its mix of architecture which gives it its distinct look. The mix of Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture are the dominant structures of interest with the Krakow cloth hall being one of the city’s most notable and recognisable features. The cloth hall is in old Krakow town and is the main focal point of the market square. The cloth hall was built in the 14th century and was used heavily during the heady days of Krakow’s boom period.

    Krakow has around 28 museums for the traveller to visit with the National Museum and the National Art Collection being the main attractions. The National museum houses many famous works of art including art from Leonardo da Vinci the Lady with Ermine and landscapes from Rembrandt. The museum also houses over 500 works of art from Polish leading modern artists.

    Another attraction the traveller visits Krakow for is located outside of Krakow and that is Auschwitz concentration camp infamous for Nazi atrocities carried out during world war 2. The camp is home to the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and documents the history of Auschwitz and the ideology behind it.

    It is regarded as the cultural and academic capital of Poland and was the seat of the Polish king for around five hundred years from 1038 to 1569. It is the home of the famous Jagiellonian University which is one of the oldest universities in the world.

    The Eastern part of the city is known as Nowa Huta and it was built as a Utopian socialist realist settlement. The way the streets are designed and laid out reflect the grandeur of other major European capitals and it has a vast number of parks. Solidarity Avenue with its tram system are a shining example of the Utopian idea.

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    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    RHODESTOM6625 Due at Sun 14 Jul 02:00
    TUITOM662523:45Due at Sun 14 Jul 02:00
    ANTALYATOM655 Landed Sun 14 Jul 00:20
    TUITOM65523:55Landed Sun 14 Jul 00:20
    MALAGAFR5945 Scheduled 08:30
    RyanairFR594508:30Scheduled 08:30
    MAHONTOM6743 Scheduled 11:55
    TUITOM674311:55Scheduled 11:55
    FAROFR3945 Scheduled 12:05
    RyanairFR394512:05Scheduled 12:05
    Murcia InternationalFR5947 Scheduled 12:10
    RyanairFR594712:10Scheduled 12:10
    PALMATOM6729 Scheduled 12:35
    TUITOM672912:35Scheduled 12:35
    BERGERACFR7099 Scheduled 15:55
    RyanairFR709915:55Scheduled 15:55
    PALMAFR828 Scheduled 18:05
    RyanairFR82818:05Scheduled 18:05
    ALICANTEFR3949 Scheduled 19:25
    RyanairFR394919:25Scheduled 19:25
    EDINBURGHRK1133 Scheduled 21:25
    RyanairRK113321:25Scheduled 21:25
    ZADARFR1241 Scheduled 22:40
    RyanairFR124122:40Scheduled 22:40
    GIRONAFR9911 Scheduled 22:45
    RyanairFR991122:45Scheduled 22:45
    HERAKLIONTOM6787 Scheduled 23:10
    TUITOM678723:10Scheduled 23:10
    PAPHOSTOM6763 Scheduled 23:40
    TUITOM676323:40Scheduled 23:40
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    MAHONTOM6742 Scheduled 06:20
    TUITOM674206:20Scheduled 06:20
    FAROFR3944 Scheduled 06:30
    RyanairFR394406:30Scheduled 06:30
    Murcia InternationalFR5946 Scheduled 06:50
    RyanairFR594606:50Scheduled 06:50
    PALMATOM6728 Scheduled 07:05
    TUITOM672807:05Scheduled 07:05
    MALAGAFR5944 Scheduled 08:55
    RyanairFR594408:55Scheduled 08:55
    BERGERACFR7098 Scheduled 12:35
    RyanairFR709812:35Scheduled 12:35
    PALMAFR829 Scheduled 12:55
    RyanairFR82912:55Scheduled 12:55
    PAPHOSTOM6762 Scheduled 13:05
    TUITOM676213:05Scheduled 13:05
    HERAKLIONTOM6786 Scheduled 14:05
    TUITOM678614:05Scheduled 14:05
    ZADARFR1240 Scheduled 17:20
    RyanairFR124017:20Scheduled 17:20
    GIRONAFR9912 Scheduled 18:30
    RyanairFR991218:30Scheduled 18:30
    ALICANTEFR3948 Scheduled 19:50
    RyanairFR394819:50Scheduled 19:50
    EDINBURGHRK1132 Scheduled 21:50
    RyanairRK113221:50Scheduled 21:50
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