28 May - 17 Sept 2024 & 27 May - 23 Sep 2025
28 May - 17 Sept 2024 & 27 May - 23 Sep 2025

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    Kefalonia is the largest of the Greek Ionian Islands. Here you will discover charming towns, hidden beaches and stunning scenery across the island.

    The island was made famous thanks to the Hollywood blockbuster, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin which was filmed here. Don’t miss a trip to Myrtos Bay, a spectacular chalk-white beach which featured in the movie.

    For an unforgettable experience, head to Kaminia Beach where you might be lucky enough to spot the loggerhead turtles that make this area their home.

    There are many resorts to choose from on the island, Skala is the liveliest on the island with a mix of stylish bar and clubs, whereas the other resorts are more laid back. Wherever you choose to stay, you are never far from a sandy beach.

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    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    GENEVAEZY2649 Arrived 12:01
    easyJetEZY264912:10Arrived 12:01
    TENERIFEFR1179 Due at 15:30
    RyanairFR117915:20Due at 15:30
    Arrecife LanzaroteTOM6427 Due at 16:55
    TUITOM642716:35Due at 16:55
    ALICANTEFR3949 Scheduled 21:45
    RyanairFR394921:45Scheduled 21:45
    GENEVAEZY2649 Scheduled 12:10
    easyJetEZY264912:10Scheduled 12:10
    MALTAFR8315 Scheduled 13:25
    RyanairFR831513:25Scheduled 13:25
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    GENEVAEZY2650 Departed 12:48
    easyJetEZY265012:50Departed 12:48
    GENEVAEZY21YL Scheduled 13:00
    easyJetEZY21YL13:00Scheduled 13:00
    ALICANTEFR3948 Wait In Lounge
    RyanairFR394816:10Wait In Lounge
    MALTAFR8316 Scheduled 06:30
    RyanairFR831606:30Scheduled 06:30
    TENERIFETOM6596 Scheduled 09:00
    TUITOM659609:00Scheduled 09:00
    GENEVAEZY2650 Scheduled 12:50
    easyJetEZY265012:50Scheduled 12:50
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