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25 May-21 Sep & 24 May-18 Oct 2025
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    Fly direct from Bournemouth Airport to Ibiza.

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    Ibiza, one of the iconic Balearic Islands which sits in the Mediterranean Sea.
    Ibiza due to its location in the Mediterranean Sea is gifted with a warm climate the whole year round. During the winter in the coolest month the temperature can average around 8ºC. During the summer months the average warmest months is around 30ºC. The water temperature due to Ibiza’s location also is reflected with the coolest month being on average around 14ºC. During the warm summer month, the water temperature raises to around 26ºC on average.

    Ibiza is famed for its night life and attracts a lot of the younger travellers and many of the main towns have late night clubs, bars and venues which are aimed at and cater for the younger traveller. There are super clubs doted around the island and there are disco buses that take the traveller to the venues for a small fee.

    However, there is so much more to Ibiza than just its night life and it caters superbly for single experienced travellers through to families. There is an abundance of heritage and culture as well as space and tranquillity for all types of travellers.

    With the rapid expansion on the island over the last decades large portions of the Island are now protected from development and registered as UNESCO heritage sights. Which is good for the traveller as this allows the traveller lots of unspoilt areas to visit.

    As with all the Balearic Islands Ibiza offers a multitude of water sports from numerous centres located all over the islands which allow the traveller to experience many different sports such as jet skis, small boats, wind surfing, water skiing, snorkelling or scuba diving. There are many approved scuba diving schools which cater to all travellers from novices to the experienced. With the warm clear Mediterranean Sea scuba diving has not looked more appealing and the traveller can experience Ibiza from the hidden underwater world.

    Ibiza has miles upon miles of golden sanded beaches for the traveller to relax at and soak up the sun, the more popular beaches have amazing amenities as well as nearby café and bars but there are plenty of secluded and private coves to be found only a short journey away from the traveller’s location.

    In the evening the traveller can find a local restaurant or café which has many of the local organic products on the menu.

    Experience the vibrancy Ibiza had to offer by clicking the link provided.

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    ALICANTEFR3951 Arrived 22:35
    RyanairFR395122:40Arrived 22:35
    GIRONAFR9911 Arrived 23:18
    RyanairFR991122:45Arrived 23:18
    GIRONAFR92SW Scheduled 22:54
    RyanairFR92SW22:54Scheduled 22:54
    ALICANTEFR3949 Scheduled 11:55
    RyanairFR394911:55Scheduled 11:55
    KRAKOWFR5524 Scheduled 13:00
    RyanairFR552413:00Scheduled 13:00
    MALAGAFR5945 Scheduled 14:45
    RyanairFR594514:45Scheduled 14:45
    AGADIRRK5899 Scheduled 14:45
    RyanairRK589914:45Scheduled 14:45
    GRAN CANARIATOM6181 Scheduled 17:40
    TUITOM618117:40Scheduled 17:40
    GIRONAFR9911 Scheduled 17:45
    RyanairFR991117:45Scheduled 17:45
    TENERIFEFR1179 Scheduled 20:20
    RyanairFR117920:20Scheduled 20:20
    PALMAFR828 Scheduled 20:45
    RyanairFR82820:45Scheduled 20:45
    PALMAFR5943 Scheduled 21:35
    RyanairFR594321:35Scheduled 21:35
    WROCLAWFR3318 Scheduled 23:05
    RyanairFR331823:05Scheduled 23:05
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    ALICANTEFR3948 Scheduled 06:30
    RyanairFR394806:30Scheduled 06:30
    AGADIRRK5900 Scheduled 07:00
    RyanairRK590007:00Scheduled 07:00
    GRAN CANARIATOM6180 Scheduled 08:20
    TUITOM618008:20Scheduled 08:20
    KRAKOWFR5523 Scheduled 13:25
    RyanairFR552313:25Scheduled 13:25
    GIRONAFR9912 Scheduled 13:30
    RyanairFR991213:30Scheduled 13:30
    MALAGAFR5944 Scheduled 15:10
    RyanairFR594415:10Scheduled 15:10
    PALMAFR829 Scheduled 15:35
    RyanairFR82915:35Scheduled 15:35
    WROCLAWFR3317 Scheduled 18:10
    RyanairFR331718:10Scheduled 18:10
    TENERIFEFR1178 Scheduled 20:45
    RyanairFR117820:45Scheduled 20:45
    PALMAFR5942 Scheduled 22:00
    RyanairFR594222:00Scheduled 22:00
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