Turkey (Dalaman)

26 May - 23 Oct 2023 & 24 May - 21 Oct 2024
26 May - 23 Oct 2023 & 24 May - 21 Oct 2024

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    Fly direct from Bournemouth Airport to Dalaman, Dalaman is a town in Turkey situated on the Southwestern coast. Currency = Turkish Lira Dalaman has a wonderful climate and has clearly distinct seasons with mild winters where the average low temperature of the coolest month is around 5ºC. In the summer the average high month the temperature can be around 34ºC. The temperature can reach into the 40’sºC during the summer and with relatively low humidity the destination is perfect for sun bathing and relaxing. During the warmest summer month, the water temperature can reach an average high of 29ºC. Dalaman is situated very close to the sea with views of the mountains. Dalaman sits in a rich fertile area where citrus fruits are grown, and the groves and orchards spread throughout the hills giving a wonderful colour to the area. One of the quirks of history for Dalaman is that, in 1905 the then Khedive (Viceroy) of Egypt Abbas Hilmi Pasha decided he wanted to build a plantation as a residence in Dalaman. He also decided that at the same time to build a Railway station in Alexandria. However due to a mix up of the materials, the station ended up in Dalaman and the plantation ended in Alexandria. It was cheaper to keep the materials in the wrong location and build than reship the material to the correct destinations, so the Khedive of Egypt had the station built in Dalaman with a couple of Kilometres of track leading nowhere. Close by to Dalaman are two wonderful beaches. The first is Sarsala Koyu which is in a nature park. The beach has very good amenities on offer and if the traveller wishes they can arrange to go on a 12-island private boat tour which covers the coast line and outlaying Islands of Dalaman. The other beach to visit is at a village called Sarigerme. This beach is kept clean from Rubbish and is the more popular destination of the travellers. The beach offers activities but is a lot busier. Here the traveller can experience a variety of water sports from the dedicated centres which include but are not limited to scuba diving, paragliding and jet ski hire. There is a small café at the beach which offers good amenities and the chance to keep yourself refreshed and fed. Dalaman has a lot to offer the traveller and can be yours by clicking the link provided.

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    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    DALAMANFH641 Scheduled 08:30
     FH64108:30Scheduled 08:30
    ALICANTEFR3949 Scheduled 10:05
    RyanairFR394910:05Scheduled 10:05
    CARCASSONNEFR9356 Scheduled 10:35
    RyanairFR935610:35Scheduled 10:35
    MALAGAFR5945 Scheduled 12:15
    RyanairFR594512:15Scheduled 12:15
    CORFUTOM6503 Scheduled 14:30
    TUITOM650314:30Scheduled 14:30
    BUDAPESTFR4247 Scheduled 15:55
    RyanairFR424715:55Scheduled 15:55
    PALMAFR828 Scheduled 16:05
    RyanairFR82816:05Scheduled 16:05
    GIRONAFR9911 Scheduled 17:35
    RyanairFR991117:35Scheduled 17:35
    ANTALYAFH565 Scheduled 20:00
     FH56520:00Scheduled 20:00
    ZADARFR1241 Scheduled 22:25
    RyanairFR124122:25Scheduled 22:25
    PALMAFR5943 Scheduled 23:05
    RyanairFR594323:05Scheduled 23:05
    TENERIFETOM6597 Scheduled 00:35
    TUITOM659700:35Scheduled 00:35
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    MALAGAFR5944 Scheduled 06:30
    RyanairFR594406:30Scheduled 06:30
    CARCASSONNEFR9355 Scheduled 06:40
    RyanairFR935506:40Scheduled 06:40
    CORFUTOM6502 Scheduled 07:20
    TUITOM650207:20Scheduled 07:20
    DALAMANFH642 Scheduled 09:30
     FH64209:30Scheduled 09:30
    ALICANTEFR3948 Scheduled 10:30
    RyanairFR394810:30Scheduled 10:30
    PALMAFR829 Scheduled 11:00
    RyanairFR82911:00Scheduled 11:00
    GIRONAFR9912 Scheduled 13:10
    RyanairFR991213:10Scheduled 13:10
    TENERIFETOM6596 Scheduled 15:35
    TUITOM659615:35Scheduled 15:35
    BUDAPESTFR4248 Scheduled 16:20
    RyanairFR424816:20Scheduled 16:20
    ZADARFR1240 Scheduled 16:55
    RyanairFR124016:55Scheduled 16:55
    PALMAFR5942 Scheduled 18:00
    RyanairFR594218:00Scheduled 18:00
    ANTALYAFH566 Scheduled 21:00
     FH56621:00Scheduled 21:00
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