26 Mar - 27 Oct 2023
26 Mar - 27 Oct 2023

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    Currency – Hungarian Forint


    Budapest, the capital of Hungary is situated on the banks of the River Danube and is one of Europe’s most inexpensive cities to visit. With its rich with historical heritage, magnificent buildings, shopping districts, fine cuisine, opera, and vibrant nightlife there really is something for everyone.

    Budapest is a Spa city with many thermal spas and springs, with over 15 thermal baths, a visit during your stay is a must!

    Enjoy a city break in this beautiful city and discover castles, grand buildings, churches, magnificent riverside views and so much more.



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    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    GRAN CANARIATOM6181 Arrived 17:48
    TUITOM618117:40Arrived 17:48
    ALICANTEFR3949 Due at 18:25
    RyanairFR394918:35Due at 18:25
    DUBLINFR2269 Scheduled 22:10
    RyanairFR226922:10Scheduled 22:10
    TENERIFETOM6269 Scheduled 18:05
    TUITOM626918:05Scheduled 18:05
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    DUBLINFR2268 Wait In Lounge
    RyanairFR226819:00Wait In Lounge
    TENERIFETOM6268 Scheduled 08:55
    TUITOM626808:55Scheduled 08:55
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