3 May - 28 Oct 2023
3 May - 28 Oct 2023

Bergerac is operated by Ryanair

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    Bergerac has a real seasonal temperature change and the average low temperatures during the winter range from 1ºC to the average highs in the summer of 28ºC but the summers can reach into the high 30’sºC giving the traveller their choice of weather depending on the season they wish to travel with Bournemouth Airport.

    The History of Bergerac can be see everywhere from its medieval centre to the more modern new town dating from the 19th century. Everywhere you turn you will see history and culture in this picturesque town and you will not fail to notice the statues of Cyrano de Bergerac which are possibly the most photographed part of the town and one statue at the Place Pelissiere can have queues near it as people wait to have their photograph taken with it, however historically there is little to no connection between the famous person and this charming town.

    Whilst you are near the Place Pelissiere a must is visiting the Rue Saint James with its 14th century buildings and No 26 has become quite famous with the bizarre sculptures resting in the walls.

    Away from the older part of the town you will find the National Tobacco museum documenting the history of Tobacco and its uses over 3000 years. Another museum to visit is the National Wine and River Navigation museum, this museum shows how Bergerac made its wealth through trade.

    Near to Bergerac is the Recollets convent which hosts wine tasting events and an exhibition of the 13 wine Bergerac has given its name to. During the summer months, the convent is used to host concerts.

    Bergerac offers an abundance of heritage in the relaxed French style and walking around the town you will say many different eras of architecture as well as several places to stop and relax with a coffee. All of this can be yours by clicking one of the options above.

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  • Arrivals & Departures
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    MALAGAFR5945 Due at 15:45
    RyanairFR594515:40Due at 15:45
    FAROFR3945 Due at 16:40
    RyanairFR394516:30Due at 16:40
    KRAKOWFR5524 Scheduled 19:25
    RyanairFR552419:25Scheduled 19:25
    MALTAFR8315 Scheduled 21:20
    RyanairFR831521:20Scheduled 21:20
    PALMAFR828 Scheduled 22:25
    RyanairFR82822:25Scheduled 22:25
    RHODESTOM6625 Scheduled 23:45
    TUITOM662523:45Scheduled 23:45
    BUDAPESTFR4247 Scheduled 07:30
    RyanairFR424707:30Scheduled 07:30
    EDINBURGHRK1133 Scheduled 10:20
     RK113310:20Scheduled 10:20
    MALAGAFR5945 Scheduled 11:45
    RyanairFR594511:45Scheduled 11:45
    PALMATOM6729 Scheduled 12:10
    TUITOM672912:10Scheduled 12:10
    VENICEFR519 Scheduled 12:15
    RyanairFR51912:15Scheduled 12:15
    ZADARFR1241 Scheduled 12:40
    RyanairFR124112:40Scheduled 12:40
    Murcia InternationalFR5947 Scheduled 13:05
    RyanairFR594713:05Scheduled 13:05
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    MALTAFR8316 Departed 14:35
    RyanairFR831614:25Departed 14:35
    RHODESTOM6624 Departed 14:45
    TUITOM662414:35Departed 14:45
    MALAGAFR5944 Boarding
    PALMAFR829 Wait In Lounge
    RyanairFR82917:20Wait In Lounge
    KRAKOWFR5523 Scheduled 19:50
    RyanairFR552319:50Scheduled 19:50
    PALMATOM6728 Scheduled 07:05
    TUITOM672807:05Scheduled 07:05
    VENICEFR520 Scheduled 07:25
    RyanairFR52007:25Scheduled 07:25
    Murcia InternationalFR5946 Scheduled 07:40
    RyanairFR594607:40Scheduled 07:40
    BUDAPESTFR4248 Scheduled 07:55
    RyanairFR424807:55Scheduled 07:55
    EDINBURGHRK1132 Scheduled 10:45
     RK113210:45Scheduled 10:45
    MALAGAFR5944 Scheduled 12:10
    RyanairFR594412:10Scheduled 12:10
    ZADARFR1240 Scheduled 13:05
    RyanairFR124013:05Scheduled 13:05
    TENERIFEFR1178 Scheduled 13:55
    RyanairFR117813:55Scheduled 13:55
    FAROFR3944 Scheduled 13:55
    RyanairFR394413:55Scheduled 13:55
    HERAKLIONTOM6786 Scheduled 14:40
    TUITOM678614:40Scheduled 14:40
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