Bournemouth Airport – airspace modernisation

Two drop-in sessions for the public - January 17th and February 21st 2020

Two drop-in sessions are to be held at Bournemouth Airport regarding airspace modernisation.
A public consultation takes place into runway instrumentation upgrades for aircraft approaching from the east and is a regulatory requirement of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Drop-in sessions take place from 3pm to 10pm on Friday, 17th January and Friday, 21st February.
Regional & City Airports, which owns and operates the airport, stressed that the proposals would not result in changes of aircraft flows or an increase in agreed movements, nor would they result in aircraft arriving at lower altitudes or in any changes to visual training flights.
Aircraft are increasingly using satellite navigation, known as performance-based navigation (PBN), instead of ground-based markers and beacons.
By 2024, PBN approach procedures will have preference over the conventional instrumental landing system at Bournemouth Airport.
The technology will help with flight accuracy, improving operational performance, reducing delays and providing opportunities to better avoid noise-sensitive areas.