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    Fly direct from Bournemouth Airport to Naples, Naples is a city in Southern Italy.

    Currency = Euro

    Naples sits on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and as result receives a wonderful southern Mediterranean climate the year round. During the winter the average temperature in the coolest month is on average around 4°C and during the warmest summer month the average temperature is around 30°C. The water temperature of the Mediterranean Sea during the coolest winter month is around 14°C on average and during the warmest summer month the temperature is on average around 27°C.

    Naples can boast a history unlike most other cities in the world, whether it’s from the eruption of Vesuvius during the Roman times to the occupation of the French under the ruler Joseph Bonaparte, history has left its mark on this city.

    One of the most striking features the traveller will notice when they arrive at Naples is the menacing presence of Vesuvius which sits normally quietly over the city and the bay of Naples, however there are reminders of the power of this sleeping giant.

    Take a trip to the Roman city of Pompeii situated about 20 miles away. Here the traveller will see what Vesuvius did in the eruption in 79AD, covering the city in a layer of fine ash and pumice before the pyroclastic flow hit the city rendering the inhabitants to be petrified in stone for evermore.

    Organised trips can be taken to climb Vesuvius if the traveller is feeling adventurous or if the traveller would prefer a more relaxed way to see some of the sights then a boat trip around the harbour and near to the base of the mountain.

    Naples is famed for creating the modern Pizza, it is said that Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889 and three variants of the traditional peasant food where offered to her to try. She decided she liked the pizza that represented the Italian flag and so the Margherita pizza was named. It may only be an urban legend but what better place to tempt the tastes buds than Naples to see which pizza the traveller would have chosen.

    Of course, Naples has more to offer than just pizza as a culinary treat and there are numerous vendors on the street selling locally grown produce, or visit the bars, cafes and restaurants to sample other foods and drinks on offer.

    Experience the regal beauty of Naples by clicking on the link provided.

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