Bournemouth Airport takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and the airport has committed to make the operation of its vehicles and energy use carbon neutral by 2012.

A bio-diesel boiler has been installed to provide heating to the new terminal building. This installation is forecast to result in annual savings of 546 tonnes of CO2.

There are also plans to replace the boiler which heats the airport's Fire Station and it is anticipated that this lead to a further annual saving of 44 tonnes of CO2.

To support the generation of electricity from renewable sources, the airport has been purchasing 'green tariff' electricity since 2004. The proportion of electricity obtained in this way has increased steadily each year and by 2012, 100% of the airport’s electricity will come from the green tariff. It is anticipated that this will result in annual savings of 4122 tonnes.

Many emissions at the airport arise from operations by business partners (such as airlines, their agents and retailers) and we are working in close partnership with these companies to influence their operations as well.

The airport also encourages passengers to offset the carbon emissions from their flights.


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