Bournemouth Airport, Bourne Again –
New Terminal now unveiled

Following 18 months of working around the clock and an investment worth 45 million, the new shape of Bournemouth Airport is now unveiled, characterising the future of air travel from the South.

Our vision is to provide air travellers to and from the South Coast region of England with a new and greatly improved Airport facility that combines ease of use, convenience and excellent customer service.

Development Overview

  • The new terminal building is now twice the size of the old building and the amount of retail/catering space has been tripled
  • The redevelopment work has been carefully planned to ensure it has minimal impact on passengers
  • The project team has been keen to use local businesses, wherever possible, as they understand the importance of the airport to the region
  • It is anticipated that by 2015 the expansion of Bournemouth Airport will create over 1900 full time jobs, generate inward investment of 57 million and provide new training and career opportunities for local people

Runway overlay facts: Did you know?

  • 7.7km of trenching was used – that’s around 1,973 new Minis laid end to end
  • Approx 1.2km (about 10 football pitch lengths) of material was ripped each night during the resurfacing process
  • Total material tonnage laid was 4700T, equating to 470 African elephants
  • The 2271 metre long runway has been completely resurfaced – a project that saw a team of 100 workers and 50 machines working overnight for two months last winter

Impressive developments to date:

  • New lighting and navigation aids have been installed on the runway which will allow aircraft to operate in adverse weather conditions. This puts Bournemouth on a par with other major UK airports
  • The apron next to the terminal building (the east apron) has doubled in size and now accommodates six aircraft. Parking for a further five aircraft is also available on the west apron
  • During this ‘behind the scenes’ work, special measures were taken to prevent harm to protected plant and animal species that inhabit the adjoining ecologically sensitive areas

Comment from Peter Scott, Chief Executive of Dorset Business (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry): "With the concerted efforts that Bournemouth Airport has made to raise the scale and standard of its offering to the travelling public and commercial interests alike, this is another important step towards ensuring that Dorset has the prominence on the national and international air transportation scene that it rightly deserves"


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