At Bournemouth Airport we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and we are committed to being a good neighbour.

Climate change is important to us all and in 2007 we published our Master Plan for the future development of the Airport. Central to our plans is a commitment to reduce our impact on the environment and, as part of wide-ranging programme of measures, we have made a commitment to making our operations 'carbon neutral' by 2015. This means that those emissions that arise from airport buildings or vehicles will be eliminated or, where this is not possible, their effect will be off-set.

We believe it is important that we communicate honestly and clearly the environmental impacts that result from our operations and that is why we are one of the first airports in Europe to implement the WebTrak radar replay system. By using WebTrak it is possible to view all aircraft movements in the vicinity of Bournemouth Airport , to see which aircraft flew where and at what height. Whilst at Bournemouth Airport we seek to minimise the impact of noise from all aspects of the operation of aircraft and the airport, we take complaints of noise very seriously.

We have made significant progress in recent years , we know that we need to continue to improve and we are determined to do so.

Environmental Policy
See how at  Bournemouth Airport, we intend to help to protect our environment. Read our Environmental Policy.

Noise Action Plan
The Airport’s Noise Action Plan (NAP) has been formally adopted by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The NAP was developed to meet the requirements of the Environmental Noise Directive and the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006 (as amended). It details how the Airport will manage the noise environment in order to minimise any adverse impact of aircraft operations on our neighbours wherever practicable.

The full report and a summary version are available to download from the ‘Related Information’ section of this page.

Travel Plan
Our Travel Plan provides an update to the actions and targets set in the Travel Plan (2007), which was produced on behalf of Manchester Airport Group. The Travel Plan (2007) was originally approved as part of the planning permission for a terminal extension at Bournemouth Airport.
We aim to  encourage public transport use and reduce the number of single occupancy car trips made to the site. In particular, the aim is to reduce the number of taxi, and ‘drop-off and pick-up’ trips. These trips generate four car journeys to and from the site for every return air journey. As such, they make the greatest contribution to road traffic and emissions.
The Travel Plan covers the whole of the Bournemouth Airport site owned by MAG. 


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